About Us

Our aesthetic purpose is

'Inspire natural beauty'

Each member of our team is a top doctor in the medical aesthetics field, with rich medical aesthetics experience and more than 10 years of medical experience. He has consulted many famous hospitals and plastic surgery clinics in London, and regularly participates in international medical plastic surgery seminars in Asia and Europe.
Our aesthetic purpose is to ‘inspire natural beauty’. For our purpose, we have always strived to continuously introduce new medical technologies to achieve beautiful and natural medical beauty effects for every guest . It is worth mentioning that we design treatments based on the aesthetics and vision of Asian men and women.

Our Team

Dr. Kristy Lau
Doctor Liu Yuer


  • Authoritative medical doctor of overseas Chinese in the UK
  • British surgical experience in minimally invasive surgery
  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology, Imperial College, UK
  • General Medicine
    Fellow of the Royal Academy of Sciences
    Family Planning
  • Association Diploma
    Endorsed doctor of Allergan Pharmaceuticals in the United States
  • Invited to observe and communicate with Allergan Pharmaceutical Factory
  • Internationally renowned St. Thomas’ Hospital (St. Thomas’ Hospital) completed a specialist academician

Have been interviewed by major British media and published many medical articles related to skin problems (such as The Telegraph, The SUN, Daily Mail, Independent and Mirror)

Dr. Chi-Tak Kwan
Dr. Guan Zhide


  • Authoritative overseas Chinese doctors in the UK ​
  • Bachelor of Science, University College London, UK
  • Department of Medicine and General Medicine, University College London, UK
  • Fellow of the Royal Academy of Sciences
    Instructor at Imperial College of Medicine, London, UK
  • Examiner at Imperial College of Medicine, London, UK
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Dermatology, Cardiff University, Wales
  • The Royal Court is dedicated to the medical consultant of the inner court
  • Family Planning Association Diploma
    Member of the medical committee team led by the UK’s top leadership
  • ​The endorsement physician of Allergan Pharmaceuticals in the U.S.

Dr. Kristy Lau
Doctor Liu Yuer


Le Wen is our aesthetic consultant and has deep knowledge and experience in the beauty industry. She works closely for the team and clients, and strives to achieve the best results for each of our clients.