Skinpen elastic microneedle

What is elastic microneedle?

Skinpen elastic microneedle is a popular skin beautification project, suitable for various skin types, and can solve various skin problems such as large pores, acne marks, stains, and aging. It can induce the body’s self-repair mechanism, stimulate the production of a large amount of collagen, and achieve the effect of rejuvenating and beautifying the skin in a relatively short time. Therefore, microneedle therapy has always been a popular item in the field of medical cosmetology.

Principle of elastic microneedle:

The basic working principle of Skinpen is: the disposable needle contains 14 ultra-fine stainless steel needles, which are driven by electric power to rotate at a super high speed. The doctor uses the microneedle to roll quickly on the surface of the skin to create a wound. After the skin is damaged, the self-immune repair system will be activated, and the exclusive customized growth factor will be applied to the surface layer. At this time, the essence can easily penetrate into the dermis layer to ensure maximum effect. Microneedling treatment can promote collagen production, promote skin metabolism, and rejuvenate the skin.

Seven advantages (compared to traditional microneedles):

  1. Ingress protection prevents leakage
  2. One-time lock function
  3. Precise depth dial
  4. Internal reciprocating negative pressure
  5. Exhaust vent to avoid suction bruising
  6. 14 extra-fine stainless steel needles from Japan
  7. The effect is even and painless at the same time
Efficacy of elastic microneedle:

Acne marks|acne pits|chloasma|anti-aging|reducing pores|cleansing

Safety of elastic microneedle:

Elastic microneedle is a non-surgical treatment. Under the regular operation of doctors, the safety of the whole project is extremely high, and there are no serious side effects.

The Skinpen adopted by U.K. is the world’s only FDA-approved microneedle therapy pen. It has also obtained CE Mark medical-grade registration and complies with ISO and BSI standards. It is the safest and most reliable microneedle machine in the UK and Europe. It has been tested in the laboratory and uses a disposable locking needle without the risk of cross-infection.

Elastic microneedle is suitable for the crowd:

The elastic microneedle program is suitable for those who need to improve large pores, acne marks, acne pits, fine lines, growth lines and other problems or who have anti-aging needs.

People who are contraindicated with elastic microneedle:

Guests in severe acne outbreak period; pregnant or breast-feeding period; guests suffering from major diseases such as blood diseases, infectious diseases, etc. are not recommended for micro-needle treatment.

The basic process of elastic microneedle:

First, clean the treatment area, apply anesthetic for 40-50 minutes, and the doctor will perform micro-needle treatment to assist with exclusive growth factors. The micro-needle operation lasts 15-20 minutes. The follow-up Dermalux phototherapy instrument helps the wound heal quickly, calms the skin, and anti-inflammatory repair.

Effective time of elastic microneedle:

Elastic microneedle is a project with a recovery period, so you won’t see the effect on the day after it is done, and the skin needs to be repaired to see the obvious therapeutic effect. Generally 5-7 days, you can see the effect after treatment, but the best effect will appear in about a month. Of course, the effective time is also related to the follow-up care, so good care can enhance the effect of the treatment.

How long does the elastic microneedle effect last?

The duration of the effect of the elastic microneedle has a greater relationship with the patient’s subsequent living habits and physical condition. Generally, the effect of elastic micro-improvement on the skin is permanent. Of course, the more treatments and the longer the time, the better the effect. Follow-up habits are good, eat less greasy food, go to bed early and get up early, hydrate and sunscreen, and the effect of microneedling treatment will be very good.

Side effects of elastic microneedle:

Generally speaking, following the doctor’s advice after treatment is not a big problem. After treatment, there will be skin dehydration, redness, peeling, and even a little acne. These are normal treatment responses. The body’s repair mechanism is turned on and it can be fully recovered in 7-10 days, so don’t worry too much.

However, due to different body constitutions and different reactions after treatment, some may have some side effects such as allergies. At this time, it is recommended to visit the clinic for follow-up.

Precautions before and after elastic microneedle treatment:

Before treatment:

Avoid using irritating skin care products for the first three days, such as acid or VC skin care products. You can take more vitamins and other nutrients to keep your body healthy.

After treatment:

Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours, avoid eating spicy food, seafood with shells, beef and mutton, etc.

Do not do strenuous exercise within 24 hours, such as HIIT, sauna, swimming, running, etc. Avoid causing inflammation and allergies of hair follicles.

You can wash your face with clean water after 24 hours. Scrub skin care products are not recommended within a week.

Pay attention to sunscreen within a week and use sunscreen with SPF50 or higher.