PRP Serum Peel
What is PRP?

PRP is the abbreviation of Platelet rich Plasma in English, which means “platelet rich plasma” in Chinese. It contains a large number of growth factors, which can promote the regeneration and repair of soft and hard tissues.

Principle of PRP:

PRP is equivalent to extracting all kinds of growth factors such as platelet growth factor and fibrin needed from autologous blood, and injecting them to the part we need to stimulate the auto-repair and regeneration function of the injection site, which will play a role in regeneration and repair. effect.

PRP security:

Regularly operated PRP is a highly safe non-surgical skin care and can provide powerful skin repair capabilities. Doctors Kubota and Otto in London developed a new PRP autologous cell extraction technology based on the PRP production process and applied basic technology, which avoided the original defects of PRP. At present, the improved PRP technology has obtained the US FDA, European CE certification and extensive medical clinical verification in other regions, and it is highly accepted and basically risk-free.

Of course, during your treatment, you must choose a qualified clinic and doctor for treatment. Professional PRP equipment and a sterile environment will greatly improve the safety and effectiveness of PRP. The Cellenis PRP medical instrument used by the British Royal Zhi, can completely dispel all your worries.

PRP is suitable for the crowd:

PRP is an all-round skin management project, suitable for people with the following symptoms:

Wrinkles: dynamic wrinkles such as forehead lines, Sichuan character lines, smile lines, and small static wrinkles

Facial sagging, dry and dull skin
Sensitive skin, prone to redness, allergies
Enlarged pores and dilated capillaries
Acne marks, acne pits
Eye bags, dark circles
Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
Facial collagen loss
Severe hair loss etc.

PRP contraindicated people:

PRP is a basic maintenance project that is beneficial to most people. However, people who are pregnant, breast-feeding, have autoimmune or blood diseases or cancer cannot receive this treatment.

PRP advantages:

Improve skin texture and even skin tone
Shrink pores
Reduce acne marks, remove acne pits
To remove allergies and redness
Prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth
Gradually increase in skin thickness and elasticity
Minimize safety issues: no allergies, no worries about infectious diseases.
It can be used on sensitive areas, such as the small skin under the eyes.
Can be combined with other treatment methods such as water light or microneedling to stimulate biological effects

The basic process of PRP:

The first step is to clean the facial skin and apply anesthetics. At this time, the doctor will prepare the necessary equipment such as anticoagulation blood collection tubes, disinfectant, blood collection needles, centrifuges, etc.

The second step is to apply the anesthetic for about 30-40 minutes, and the doctor will take blood from the vein. Generally, the amount of one test tube is taken at a time, about 10 mL, and it can be completed in five minutes, which is similar to the experience of taking blood in a normal physical examination.

In the third step, the doctor will put the anticoagulant blood vessel containing the guest’s blood into a professional PRP centrifugal machine to separate the blood, thereby obtaining high-quality PRP. This process takes about ten minutes.

In the fourth step, the doctor will inject the separated PRP into the bottom of the skin. This operation can usually be done with a syringe, a microneedle or a special PRP gun. The whole process lasts for 20-30 minutes, the pain is low, most people can bear it, please don’t worry too much.

After that, assisted with a 30-minute dermalux light therapy device to help the skin quickly repair.

PRP effective time:

Although PRP is a non-surgical item, because of the wounds on the surface of the skin, there is not much effect just after the treatment. Because the growth factors injected into the deep layers of the skin are slowly working to help skin repair and stimulate collagen production. Since the metabolic cycle of human cells is about 3-4 weeks, the best effect of PRP will appear in about a month. Of course, some people may be slower to recover on their own, and it takes longer to exist.

How long does the PRP effect last?

The maintenance of the effect of PRP injection depends on the treatment. Dr. Liu from British medical skin care system Yuchi Medial suggested that if you want the treatment effect to last longer, it is best to receive another treatment every three to six months after the treatment, which can help prolong the effect of the injection. In addition, the duration of the effect is also determined according to the degree of your usual skin care. Most patients have a wrong understanding of home skin care products. They believe that the larger the brand and the more expensive, the better the effect. We believe that daily skin care lies in the active ingredients in the product and its carrier. If the active ingredient is not high or the carrier is not good, no matter how good the product is, it will not work. Therefore, daily home care is very important. After PRP injection, with appropriate cosmeceutical active ingredients skin care products will make the effect longer. Therefore, you need to consult with your injection physician about postoperative skin care options.

Quality Assurance Cellenis® PRP System

CE IIb medical equipment, USFDA 510K has been approved and approved.

Manufacturing complies with EN ISO 13485: 2003, ISO 9001: 2008 international standards.

PRP side effects:

The self-property of PRP eliminates concerns about disease transmission and minimizes the chance of possible side effects, but there may also be minor side effects in the form of mild bruising, pain, swelling or infection. Please don’t worry, the doctor should perform high-standard and strict disinfection of the treated skin before PRP injection, so if there is an adverse reaction, please contact the doctor, which is conducive to faster recovery.

Precautions before and after PRP treatment:

Before injection:

It is recommended to avoid alcohol and take aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs within 24 hours before treatment. Vitamins can be taken appropriately before injection to keep a light diet.

After injection:

Do not run, swim or other strenuous exercise within 24 hours, and avoid makeup. Avoid spicy foods, seafood with shells, beef and mutton, etc.

It is best not to go to the sauna and steam room for a few days after treatment.