Shuiguang Needle

What is water needle?

Shuiguang Needle, as the name suggests, is a medical beauty item that can make the skin look hydrated and smooth. For a long time, water light needles have been loved by everyone, and they are regularly selected by many beauty lovers. Water-light acupuncture is also called mesotherapy. Generally, hyaluronic acid and other nutrients such as amino acids and vitamins are injected into the dermis through a special water-light gun or a very thin needle tube to maintain the maximum absorption of nutrients and solve the skin Due to the decrease of hyaluronic acid, various problems caused by dehydration and dryness.

Efficacy and principle of water light acupuncture:
  1. Smoothes wrinkles and fine lines: activates damaged skin cells and smoothes wrinkles and fine lines
  2. Treatment of dry desert skin: reduce the loss of skin moisture, and inject moisture into the skin through the nourishment of the dermis
  3. Treatment of yellowing complexion: promote blood circulation to make complexion ruddy and radiant
  4. Delay aging: Promote the generation of new cells, stimulate cell growth, promote the growth of fibroblasts, and make the skin lasting young and firm
  5. Shrink pores: super-replenish water, adjust the balance of water and oil while promoting the growth of collagen, improving large pores
  6. Repair skin barrier: resist free radicals and photo-aging, regenerate collagen and elastin in the skin up to 400%, and comprehensively enhance the defense function of epidermal cells
Safety of water light needle:

Shuiguang acupuncture is a daily medical beauty project for beauty lovers at home and abroad, and its safety must be self-evident. Formal water-light medicines and instruments are very safe, and you can check the certified water-light medicines in your area before treatment. On the other hand, injection projects require at least nurse-level professionals to operate, and must ensure that the operators have passed professional training and have rich experience.

Shuiguang Needle is suitable for the crowd:

Shuiguang Needle is suitable for all skin types and guests who need hydration, whitening and skin rejuvenation, and anti-aging. There is no requirement for age and skin type. Shuiguang is also suitable for people with dry lines, fine lines, sensitive skin and red blood streaks.

People who are contraindicated with water-light acupuncture:

Cautious crowd:

You need to apply anesthetics before most of them. If you are allergic to it, you need to inform your doctor in advance.

Patients with acne skin and severe inflammation of the entire face are recommended to receive acne treatment, and water light is not recommended.


If you have a severe allergic reaction, blood disease, autoimmune disease, or pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc., you should not inject Shuiguang

Shuiguang needle injection site:

In addition to the common face and neck, other body parts such as chest, back of hands, arms, legs, abdomen, etc. can be treated in the treatment area.

How to choose the dosage of water light injection?

The water-light needle is actually injected with hyaluronic acid as the main nutrient, so you can’t inject too much at one time, otherwise it will cause bulging, etc., which requires a certain period of repair. The choice of injection product and dosage is related to the needs of the customer. The doctor will advise the best product and dosage, usually 2-3 bottles of compound water. Of course, the injection of water and light can be combined with injections of other drugs such as various vitamins, glutathione, autologous serum, etc., to help solve the corresponding skin problems.

The basic process of water-light injection:

The whole course of water injection is 1-1.5 hours. In the early stage, you need to apply anesthetics to the entire face for 30-40 minutes, and the doctor will help you with a customized water light. According to the skin condition and the needs of customers, there are two modes: hand and machine. The injection process lasts 20-30 minutes. The advantage of manual injection is precision and flexibility. It is generally used in areas with weak and sensitive skin, such as the eye area, tear groove, and nasal base, which greatly reduces the amount of exposure and has a better effect. The professional water gun uses negative pressure injection technology to increase comfort and inject drugs evenly into the same position in the dermis. Finally, assist Dermalux LED phototherapy to ensure the maximum absorption of the medicine and help the skin repair quickly.

Effective time of water light needle:

As each person has different drug absorption, the time for the water-light needle to take effect is also different. Generally, people will see obvious results after 2-3 treatments. However, according to the basic situation and personal needs, it is recommended to continue a course of treatment, about 6 times, and the skin will be improved unexpectedly.

How long does the water light needle effect last?

The main component of Shuiguang Needle is non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, which can be completely metabolized within 8-12 months. It is recommended to stick to a course of treatment for the first injection, the effect will be maintained longer.

Side effects of water light injection:

Most people do not have any adverse reactions after injection of Shuiguang. However, on the day of treatment, there may be protrusions like “small bulging”. This is due to hyaluronic acid’s large amount of water absorption, which is a normal phenomenon. Some people will also have bleeding spots or bruises, which are related to personal physique and recent physiological conditions. The repair time is also very fast, 1-2 days. After receiving treatment for a few days, the mouth will become closed. This is because there is a potential for acne. The injection of water and light is only a trigger. The acne treatment is done in the later stage, and it can be metabolized in about 1 week.

In short, the water light needle is an injection-type medical beauty project, which must be operated by a professional doctor in a regular medical institution.

Precautions before and after injection of water light needle:

Before injection:

It is recommended to avoid alcohol and take aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs within 24 hours before treatment.

After injection:

Do not run, swim or other strenuous exercise within 24 hours, and avoid makeup. Avoid spicy foods, seafood with shells, beef and mutton, etc.

It is best not to go to the sauna and steam room for a few days after treatment.

British Royal to select water light brand
With water gun picture?

All the water lights selected by the British Royal to be “cocktail” water lights, that is, not just containing a single hyaluronic acid, but a complex of multiple nutrients.


Stylage®Hydro contains three major functional ingredients, which are bioactive ingredients, hyaluronic acid and mannitol. Among them, biologically active ingredients are one of the important fillers for human skin, helping skin cells to rejuvenate, not only moisturizing but also beneficial to skin health. The other two ingredients, hyaluronic acid and mannitol, play a major role in solving the problems of dry skin, dehydration, roughness, sagging, and sagging. The most important thing is that Silky’s hyaluronic acid is durable and will not be metabolized in a short time. This fact is one of the main reasons why many beauty lovers choose Silky Water.

RRS® HA Injectable

Each milliliter of RRS® HA Injectable Water Essence contains 6mg hyaluronic acid and 4.62mg cocktail active ingredients (including 10 vitamins, 3 fatty acids, 2 coenzymes, 23 antioxidants, 21 amino acids, and 13 trace elements. 12 kinds of polyphenols and other functional ingredients). Therefore, RRS is especially suitable for guests with aging, fatigue, skin loss of tension and more wrinkles. It is worth mentioning that it is especially suitable for smokers, or people with high pressure and poor living environment, and can help the skin regain energy and glow.

Filorga All-round Energy Youth (NCTF135HA)

Filorga 135HA can be called an all-around player in the water and light world. It is used for basic maintenance and nourishment for the face. The specific ingredients are high concentration and high hyaluronic acid, 12 vitamins, 6 minerals, 5 nucleic acids, and 23 amino acids. 6 kinds of coenzymes, one kind of antioxidant, etc.

For good results, doctors need to help with water and light instead of the more expensive, the more the better.